What is this App?

(Various Features of Doctor App)

About Tab

Tell the community about who you are and what you do. Reach out to your client and referral base on a whole new level.

What is this App?

(Various Features of Doctor App)

Info Tab

What services do you provide? What are the latest developments in your practice? What cutting edge research is available to your patients?

What is this App?

(Various Features of Doctor App)

Featured App Patient Education

Inform patients about their diseases. Put your own customized videos in that explain things in either pictorial or personal video format.

What is this App?

(Various Features of Doctor App)

Featured App Request

Increase your office efficiency. Allow your patients a better experience when they need information from their doctor. All at the touch of a button on your mobile device.

What is this App?

(Various Features of Doctor App)

Featured App Tools

Provide your patients with helpful tools to improve their personal health.

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NEW: Push Notification : Message Center: Announce Specials, New Services, Openings in your schedule, New recruits to your practice via push notification directly to you patients phone... Great ROI!!

Staff : Give your patients an opportunity to meet and learn about your staff.

Locations : Provide useful navigation and communication resources for your patients. Use real-time Google maps/GPS technology to help your patients find your practice while reducing calls to the office and increasing efficiency.

NEW: Custom Icon : Add a Custom Icon to your app. Be it Before and After or Instructions (Pre op/Post op) or Any other information you want to add to your app using these icons under Info and Patient tabs.

Directory : Provide your patients with an easy to use interface to contact your office, request appointments and drive to your location all from your app.

Weblink/Social Media : This area gives you the ability to include social media and weblinks in the app.

Practice News : Practice news allows you to post “real time updates and news” about your practice for your users. Post a new service you offer, a community event, or a new special you have.

Current Studies : Educate the community of physicians and patients about various research protocols available for your patients to participate in. The study co-ordinator can be contacted directly from your app.

Patient Education Videos : The app allows you to upload patient education written or video material. You can upload and edit in real time. You have the ability to upload anything from FAQ’s to procedure instructions to testimonials in this section.

Request Information : Give your patients a better overall experience with your business by giving them ability to ask questions, schedule appointments, and request information without interrupting your office efficiency.

Services Offered : Who are you, what do you do and why would I come to your office? Let your patients know why you want to be their doctor.

Ask a question : Improve your practice efficiency and the satisfaction of your patients by offering them interaction with your office staff from their mobile device.

Testimonial : Inform the community and prospective patients what great things your current patients have to say about you and your services. In this area you can upload a written testimonial and in the video section upload their testimonial videos.

Refer Someone : This app will allow your patients, referring doctors, and users to refer a patient to you on the fly, right from your app.