What is a Doctor App?

Doctor App is a customizable personalized smartphone (iPhone and Android) Application (App). The Doctor App is a customized application that your patients and referring doctors load onto their smartphone for FREE from the App Store or Market.

Why Do I Need Doctor App?

Having the Doctor App will enhance your education and marketing/branding efforts for a very small cost compared to your current efforts.

What are the Top Reasons that Doctor App will benefit my practice?

Doctor App allows you to connect, communicate and educate your patients and referring doctors in a easy to use interface which is free to them.

What are the steps to Build the App?

Can I get help populating Doctor App ?

Doctor App has an easy to use interface to customize your app. However we have partnered with industry leaders Patient Education Concepts, Inc who can help create, populate and enhance your content on Doctor App. Please contact: Robert Watson Patient Education Concepts, Inc. 14614 Falling Creek, Suite 210 Houston, Texas 77068 Phone: (281) 583-5577 & (800) 436-9126 Fax: (281) 583-0590 Email: Robertw@patientedconcepts.com Website: www.patientedconcepts.com